Our Products

Interferential Therapy Unit

Ultrasound Therapy unit

Muscle Stimulator

Traction Bed

Shoulder Wheel

Transcutineous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

Short Wave Diathermy


Hand Exerciser/ Wrist Rotator

Continuous Passive Motion Unit

Quadriceps Exercise Chair

Electrical Auto Traction ( cervical and Lumber)

Wax Bath Temparature Control

Tilt Table

Hand exercise table with kit

Exercise Staircase (Corner Type)

Parallel Bars with Platform


Suspension frame with Bed and Accessories

Long Wave Diathermy

LASER Therapy ( class 4B)

Ankle Exerciser

Heel Exerciser

Square Peg Board

Shoulder abduction Ladder/ Finger ladder


Digital BP

Hospital Bed

Oxygen Concentrator

Bipap & Cpap

ECG Machine (BPL)

Surgical Diathermy